Wednesday, May 20, 2015

afterhours BKK

The Buslines are a chilled Bangkok realtime live Cinema, if you want to explore sceneries of that bubbling city without walking. The red ones got open windows, so you can lean out and take pictures from time to time or just rest your elbow on the frame. Ryan and me were just hangin out in the city without doing too much, but even that made us sweat all day. The only thing I had on my schedule has been to organise some Student ID's, which could be helpful in Australia further on to safe here and there some bugs. 

We spend the early evening of the night at khaosan road cause David hasn't had the enlightening experience to get drunk between every nationality but thai. The Bars are fighting from each sides of the streets for the title of the loudest and most annoying Music, in between there are fried scorpions, pad thai and European wife beater shirt wearing kids, which mostly think that they got the time of their life right now or on the other hand ask themselves why they spend 300 bugs for tropical gear, when they end up in some sketchy bar every night and are rather surrounded by lady boys than mosquitoes.

Remembered the farewell party at WienerBlut/Xberg
Ryan had the idea to check out some hidden Bar, I'm not sure at all where it is exactly but I guess it has to be around chinatown. The Bar called "Mr. Wong" is a pendant to our well loved 24/7 Bum Bars in Germany. Lawyer meets Crackbitch and it turns out that they surprisingly can have a good time together.

A pretty unremarkable Bar from the outside but the inside turned out to be a pretty much decent example how to get lost in bkk within entering just a door and some steps and a door. Usually Thailand got a curfew at around 01:00 o'clock. This bar was getting locked at that time, all visitors which intended to stay longer -like us- were asked pleasantly to get up to the second floor. We found ourself in a funny mix of people I can hardly bring back to my memory. Unforgotten though is 'Toma' a draqqueen from the states. She's been pretty horny, followed me even to the toilet banged the door and asked for admission. I rejected. But..

... later on David had his first gay experience and with no doubt, he enjoyed that night full on.

bought munchies before we got back to Ryans place

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Humid days n' blurry nights

The calender is pretty packed, I got two weeks in Thailand before the route goes further south to Kuala Lumpur. You could fly all the way to down under in one run, that means being straight 48 hours either on a plain or an airport, so why not connecting some good time by reaching your destination. You can bet, that the “Get up, work, sleep” mouse wheel is shoutin' pretty early again, when I arrive Australia.

So Bangkok, fortunately Ryan (28, Philly, U.S.) is here at that time again, he just came from Chiang Mai, again. 

Ryan is wearing his tinder face lolz

Ryan has to admit like me, that if he could choose a second home, Chiang Mai would be his choice without hesitating for a second. Its the mix of a laid back asian feeling hanging out with CNX crew and a low coast 'western' lifestyle. Even as a budget traveller you can afford a 100$ apartment a month and a scooter for the same price. We know each other from the time where we stayed in chiang mai, beginning 2014. I was riding street, he ran into me, and asked if he could borrow my bike for a sec, did a barspin, baaam. Back in philly he's workin in a bar, but nowadays just to spend his money in northern Thailand. 

So this time bangkok, he checked-in at a pretty fancy crib in a multi story building in the city, which he looked up at rbnb. Its close to the business and nightclub area Sukhumvit. And the Soi Cowboy is not far, where I once passed through three years ago and got grabbed straight – on my shoulder. Rooftop views, while sitting in one of pools, this first day worked out pretty good.

A abandon rooftop in the middle of bangkok, cool huh?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Days Bangkok

So bangkok, what can I say. As always, freakin hot and humid. When you take the sky train from suphanburi airport direction city, try not to enter with a wet shirt, last time I immediately got a cold cause of the 20degree difference  Its like a rollin fridge. I carried additionally to all that liquor in my backpack my bike box, my shirt was soaked in seconds after I left at Makkasan station. I called mimi before and announced my stay for a couple of days. Surprisingly she's a full time 9-5 worker right now, that's the first time since I met her 3 years ago and apparently she's not happy about that. She left the keys for her apartment at the reception. I sat down at her back-breakin couch and enjoy the first time being on an uncertain route again. 

Monday, March 30, 2015


Hisst die Segel, es geht nach Norden. Die Umstände hierzu werd ich noch weiter erläutern, aber hier ist schonmal One Reason.

Es wird wohl winterlich in Melbourne oder wie  Brian es aus seinen Erfahrungen beschreibt: "Well, I had Winters in Melbourne, which I never experienced in London, when i used to live there. It's the wind here.. Yeah.. the wind."

Nächste Woche sind dann schon ein paar Beach-Headliner vor der Haustür: Byron bay, Surfers paradise n' Gold Coast. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shit is gettin' serious again

Um es mir und auch den anderen Fernweh liebenden mal wieder einfacher zu machen, werd ich die letzten Wochen mal revue passieren lassen, finally. Die gesamte Zeit in Deutschland war auch zu gut, aber ich versuch mal die frischen feelings und den sommerlich herbstlichen Samstag Nachmittag in der 14th Dunlop Street in Ascot Vale/ Melbörne zu nuzten, fuckin down under, mate.

Ja, dass könnte auch in ner räudigen britischen Hinterhaussiedlung sein. Fühlte sich beim ersten Besuch so an, drei meiner 5-7 Mitbewohner haben auch schwarze Kauleisten und den "point just past". Aber im Grunde ists hier auch royal, clean, diszipliniert mit schnuckligen Häusern umgeben. Wir sehen Fitzi sitzend und Brian schleichend. Fitzi ist, wie unschwer an dem leuchtend roten Bart zu erkennen, unteranderem irischer Abstammung, spricht deutsch, spielt exzessiv candy crush und kann K.I.Z. songs in einer detailtreue wiedergeben, die mich als muttersprache deutsch (ostdeutsch) Sprachiger verblüffend nicken lässt.

Frankfurt am Main/ Flughafen, mitm ICE- Ticket aus Dortmund kommend und noch die letzten Einkäufe im Duty free (travelers pack Jaegmeister, etc.) Bereiche getätigt und ich war beriet für die crew in Chiang Mai.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New years eve Chiang Mai

Of course its not the same here in Thailand, like being in europe at that date, cause the new year here will be celebrated in mid of April. The traditional Sonkran/ Waterfestival is mad and continues for not less than three to five days. 
I could have a proper countdown n' shit within a crowd of westerners in the tourist area of Chiang Mai, but the hangover resulting from the day before and the uncomfortable feeling being surrounded by shitloads of partypeople, let me decide to better hang out with a small crowd drinking beers and youtubing songs over hours. 

furby taking care of his hood

anybody remembers that music video huh
lightning lampions at the owl shop
Okay we still ended up in the backpacker club n' bar area where we got wasted, cause theres no other place where people really dance. And sure the music is way better here as well.

rage against the machine covers yeahhh

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mountain entertainments

Im Gegensatz zu den Zustaenden in Bangkok werden hier die Zelte und Lagerfeuer in beschaulicher Lage auf den umliegenden Bergen aufgestellt. Es ist coldseason in Thailand und so treibt es viele am Wochenende zum Camping auf bis auf 2500 m. "Thais lieben die Kaelte", das war die Antwort die ich erhalten habe als ich frierend am Feuer gesessen habe und mich wunderte, dass sie genau jetzt her kommen und nicht zu einer Zeit bei man sich den Rum zum Genuss rein schuettet und nicht um sich aufzuwaermen. Natuerlich uebertreibe ich ein wenig wenn man die Winter in Europa betrachtet..

There s no more higher in Thailand - Doininthanon 2565m
Als Dew mir Bilder von den Drift Trikes erzaehlt hatte, war ich natuerlich gleich Feuer und Flamme, denn allein schon die Bilder sahen nach eine Menge Spass aus. An einem Sonntag sind wir dann mit der Drift Trike Crew Chiang Mai und ihreren nach Internet Anleitung gefertigten Trikes los gezogen.
Es ging auf einen der umliegenden Berge, auf eine nur maessig befahrene Strasse. Dann ging es los.
Ich wusste am Anfang nicht ob ich weinen oder lachen sollte, es sind ja alles geuebte Fahrer und man nimmt sich natuerlich ihr Tempo an. Meine Bremse war ziemlich abgefuckt und verabschiedete sich vor einer Kurve auch noch in ihre Einzelteile. Ich dachte in diesem Moment an diese Szene sec 00:37 link